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My submission for the August edition of the 11 Second Club comp, finally got to play around with that dragon rig I’ve been eyeing off for months. Both rigs from Truong CG Artist (always my favourite rigs) and rendered with MNPRX from Artineering on Maya.
Because of the stylised nature, I wanted to play around with the rendering and the frame rate, so experimented with animating on 2's  and ramping up the frame rate of certain motions. Hoping to try out more of that in the next submission too! 

This entry ended up coming 10th out of the 61 entries.
<![CDATA[Batman Reanimated]]>Mon, 12 Sep 2022 01:21:02 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/batman-reanimated
Holey pin cushions! My small part in a reanimation challenge, I had the pleasure to join 69 other animators to bring a new life to Adam West Batman.
Rigs sourced from Agora. Woody and Buzz rigged by Rodrigo H. López, model fixes by Sofia Gariazzo and Dahan Jean, Forky rigged and modeled by Simon Boucly

<![CDATA[Battle Kitty]]>Mon, 18 Apr 2022 14:00:00 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/battle-kitty
After a silent 2021 with no updates, I can finally reveal I had the pleasure to work on Battle Kitty, and interactive Netflix animated series! All of the animation was done here in Sydney by the studio I now work at Plastic Wax, where I work as a technical animator While most of my work was fixing up issues that get caught by quality control, I was lucky enough to have a few shots assigned to me towards the end of the season that I got to animate completely. Only catch is that you have to watch the whole thing to get to those shots!
<![CDATA[Guest Lecturing with Bus Stop Films]]>Tue, 12 Apr 2022 14:00:00 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/guest-lecturing-with-bus-stop-films
What a brilliant day getting to work woth Bus Stop Films to introduce their students to the realm of animation.
I spent a bit of time developing a scene in After Effects that featured a hero character that could be easily customised without the complicated hassle that the program can usually have on newcomers, and then showed the class how they could apply their own animations to a character of their own design. 
Fantastic group of people, all of whom made me feel very welcome. Looking forward to the next class!
<![CDATA[interview with an Animator, by UTS Careers]]>Thu, 31 Mar 2022 13:00:00 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/interview-with-an-animator-by-uts-careersSurprisingly not an April Fool's joke, I was interviewed by UTS Careers on life as an animator. Fun little write up that actually had me reflecting a fair bit on how life has been after graduating. 
Read it here
<![CDATA[We Will be monsters]]>Fri, 25 Feb 2022 13:00:00 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/we-will-be-monsters
This was exciting job, and I got to wear many more hats than I usually do for Plastic Wax. On top of animating using motion capture data (for my first time), I got to explore a lot of the previsualisation and layout duties, receiving storyboards and translating them into a 3D experience. 
​Also now my first credited role at Plastic Wax!
<![CDATA[Casual Blues - Zine work]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2020 06:17:45 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/casual-blues-zine-work
I got to participate in my first zine experience!
To tackle a bit of the quarantine doldrums, a talented handful of illustrators and myself  made a little zine about the ups, downs, ins and outs of casual work called Casual Blues. Volume 1 is not yout and about, and you can check out the full pdf version with this button!
<![CDATA[New Animated Logo Work]]>Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:02:31 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/new-animated-logo-work
<![CDATA[Factual Collaboration]]>Sat, 21 Dec 2019 13:00:00 GMThttp://atticus.ink/home/factual-collaborationI've made an animated background to go along with Sukruth Rao's single Factual ft. Arshaq Malik. Looking forward to doing more work with Suk (who previously helped me out with the wonderful backing track on all three of my 2019 showreels). You can find more of his work here.